The Fabrication Yard

The Yard will possess:

  1. The capacity to fabricate various modules each of weight up to 20,000 tonnes
  2. 500m long quayside with bollards to handle the whole FPSO (35,000 tonnes by weight)
  3. Enclosed fabrication shops complete with machines for structural steel pre-fab, piping fabrication & heavy/light welding line
  4. Open space fabrication areas for large module fabrication & integration of pre-fab pieces
  5. Open space stacking areas for pipes & metallic plates
  6. Open space equipment parking areas
  7. Maintenance Workshops
  8. Paint & Blasting shops
  9. Warehouses
  10. Fuel storage
  11. Gas / diesel electrical power Generators
  12. Modern office blocks for clients, staff
  13. Restaurants, clinic, gym
  14. Modern accommodation for 300 expatriates
  15. Heliport
  16. Roads, streets, drainage and street lights
  17. Security fencing
  18. Firefighting systems
  19. Water boreholes & supply lines  
  20. Electrical power supply underground cabling
  21. Internet & Telecom underground cabling
  22. Any other facility or amenity necessary for a modern fabrication yard 

Types of Facilities to be Fabricated and Refurbished in the Yard:


  1. Floating Production, Storage & Offloading (FPSO)
  2. Offshore platform
  3. Steel Jackets
  4. Sub-sea Oilfield Structures
  5. Refinery Modules
  6. Petrochemical Plant Modules 
  7. Drilling Rigs