Development Phases


Phase -I: Land Acquisition - Completed

a) Acquisition of 49 Hectares of land with 700m of waterfront length
b) Land survey and statutory registration & approval
c) Government processing & approval of Certificate of Occupancy (CoO)….i.e the  land title 

Phase – II: Site Design & Early Site Works


a) Conceptual Design

b) Site Layout & 3D model of the fabrication yard

c) Site Data Gathering
d) Detailed design of fabrication yard

e) Fabrication Equipment Specification
f) Construction Engineering
g) Bush clearing
h) Top soil excavation for 49 Hectares
i) Dredging & sand filling of 3.5 million cubic meters of sand
j) Initial community projects

Phase – III: Yard Construction

a) 500m quay side construction
b) Yard Construction & Commissioning

c) Community Projects

Phase – IV: Fabrication Equipment Installation

a) Fabrication tools
b) Fabrication plant and
c) Fabrication equipment